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400 22nd Avenue NE Condos

400 22nd Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

On the Park Condos

198 6th St E
St Paul, MN 55101

River Park Lofts

406 Wacouta St
St Paul, MN 55101

Grandview Square

Edina, MN 55436

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How to Shop for Condos


They say that real estate is all about Location, Location, Location, and that certainly applies to condominiums as well. However, it’s far from the only consideration one makes when shopping for condo

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Minnesota's Major Condo Amenity: Parking


Which amenity is the most important amenity for condos in Minnesota? Parking. It's not even close. A parking lot is a nice start, but you'll see things scale up from there. A ramp that kee

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Upscale Condo Trend: Dog Runs


Amenities are a great way for condos to differentiate themselves, and one way to do that is by appealing to dog owners. And one way to appeal to them is to have a dog run. What's a dog run? It's a

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